Whilst some few fortunate businesses are able to work during this Corona Virus lockdown, many are not able to produce anything at all. Either way, all businesses are being affected directly or indirectly by Corona Virus Lockdowns which many national governments are currently effecting worldwide.

No one really knows for sure when these lockdowns will come to an end but what is certain is that life after corona (#lifeaftercorona) is going to be tough. As a business owner, the danger is to sit relaxing at home when you can do something to get a head start for the soon-coming, highly competitive and volatile post corona era. Below are eight things you can do as a business owner to position your business strategically during these lockdown for the upcoming new era.

  1. Develop a comprehensive social media strategy for during and after the lockdown
  2. Revit your business plan and re-strategize
  3. Apply for a bailout or restructure your business financing models
  4. Get your books of accounts and other paperwork up to date
  5. Audit and address your management inefficiencies
  6. Research and implement efficient management and accounting information systems
  7. Optimize your website for SEO and visitor conversion
  8. Learn how to make money working from home or develop passive income streams

In this article, I am going to give you a framework that helps with the first thing you can do for your business during this lockdown – developing a comprehensive social media strategy for use during and after the lockdowns. Below is the list of 22 things to do for your social media strategy during and after Corona Virus lockdowns.

  1. C = create short/medium content in demand that solves problems – give pleasure or pain during and after lockdown ends
  2. O = Organize content for easy, strategic and targeted distribution i.e. be topical
  3. R = Read related content and fill the gaps and huge demand
  4. O = Offer freebies or detailed reports regularly
  5. N = Network with other content providers or players in your industry
  6. A = Automate as many content production and social media processes as you can
  7. V = Video production  – make regular how-to videos
  8. I = Influencer linking for big traffic boost
  9. R= Respond to enquiries promptly and caringly 
  10. U = Unmask your identity behind the corporate veil – be human – showcase your birthdays, social events etc.
  11. S = Sign up new members to your email list like crazy – use amazing value-adding bait
  12. L =  Like and follow back others who liked you; like them in real life to never offer untested or bad products/ deals to them 
  13. O = Orient and own up to mistakes – reveal company processes, Terms & Conditions and if you make mistakes apologize, correct and make it up to the person
  14. C = Converse for some time, maybe 30mins to an hour with each individual who joins and has burning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  15. K = Keep track of trends – conduct surveys or ask for fans to express an opinion on your product creation or for them to review you on certain market places
  16. D = Distancing – produce and be live at least twice a day but 6-8 hours apart. Do not bombard or oversell 
  17. O = Offer your products for customer to buy weekly not daily. If you do not post daily then offer after your 5th, 6th or 7th content piece
  18. W = Webinar – broadcast at least once a month to bring many fans together – answer FAQs or trending topics
  19. N = News – do News analysis, summaries and interviews – they keep fans engaged
  20. S = Social – keep social media social – avoid religion, politics, sports and other sensitive, controversial and divisive topics that will split your audience. Discipline firmly but fairly those that cross the line to keep order in your social media circle
  21. M = Media – Use great media such as pics, content, videos and effective platforms for your products
  22. S = Strategy – without strategy your social media efforts will fall. Your strategy should cover things such as goals to get, post scheduling, how to measure Return On Investment (ROI) on all platforms, the balance between paid and free social media advertising etc. 

If you follow the above 22 points your social media strategy will become comprehensive.

Social media is the first important area to work on since these lockdowns are affecting our social life. You may choose to see these lockdown differently, as a blessing in disguise that is causing us to learn and turn to social media for socializing.

If you have not been seeing much business come through your social media efforts then it simply is a matter of moving from over-using social media platforms that are not effective for business such as Whatsapp to using more of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and the like to understand their functionalities.

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