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Construct Website Design - Was R1499, Now Only R999!

Construct is a projects website design template that has many benefits. Firstly, it affords startups in the construction industry to have a web presence. Secondly, this template is a blessing if you do not know or simply do not wish to create lots of content.
Thirdly, if you work on a project by project basis then this template will readily showcase them for you. Consequently, 'Construct template' is ideal for building, roofing, paving, tiling, landscaping and handyman service companies.

Fotografik Website Design - Was R1499, Now only R999!

Fotografik is a portfolio website design template ideal for the creative industry. Naturally, image lovers in photography, art, media, and fashion industry will find it picture perfect.
Thanks to its meticulously calculated image positions, 'Fotografik' can be used to showcase any creative portfolio or collection. As such, if you are in the incentives, conferencing and events industry then this template should do you good.
Without doubt, weddings, fashion shoots, conferences, sightseeing tours, corporate functions and social work websites come out superbly with 'Fotografik,.

Mystic Website Design - Was R1649, Now Only R999!

Mystic is a services website template ideal for the coaching and training industry. In particular, coaches and entrepreneurs that conduct one-on-one or small group niche will be thrilled by it. Whether you offer cooking classes, spiritual guidance, school extra lessons,, online courses or related services, consider "Mystic' your master template.

Estate Website Design - Was R1649, Now only R999!

Estate is a showcase website design template for many purposes other than the estate sector only. Because its a showcase template, it is ideal for any business that sells high value display items.
Even companies in the construction industry will find it handy. Such companies would include property developers, architects, painters, plumbers, tilers, cupboard fitters, interior and exterior decor companies.

Brighton is a products landing page for businesses that rely heavily on varied menus. In other words, its useful to companies that offer many options of the same product or service to clients.
We recommend Brighton website design for restaurant, print-shop, tour operation or other product packages offering business. Also, recipe based brands that sell ranges of associated products such as food, beauty and health brands can do with this design.

Florist is a shop website design template for businesses that sell specialist products and collections. Perhaps, more importantly, it works for any seller whether they sell online, offline or both,
On one hand, retail indoor products vendors such as those that sell clothes, household goods, furniture and equipment will feel at home with it. On the other hand, vendors of outdoor products such as flowers, lawns, seeds, herbs, and other gardening produce will find it a breath of fresh air.

Browse our six website design categories to quickly find your ideal website template.

Services website design category is ideal for service industries – whether white collar or blue collar. Examples of white collar businesses that fit this category include law firms, accountants, doctors and consulting firms. As for blue collar businesses, example include professionals such as painters, roofers, welders, handyman and repairers. 

Shop Website Design Category

Shop website design category is for both physical shops and online shops. Since websites in this category can sell online or offline, any shop owner should fancy getting themselves any of these templates  To summarise, browse through the shop website category whether you sell digital or physical products or both. 

Showcase Website Category

Showcase websites category is for businesses that have physical showrooms or asset viewing dates. As such, sellers of high-value items belong to this category. Use showcase templates to enable customers to view or study listed items in greater detail. Real estate agents, property developers and car dealerships will love this category.

Portfolio Website Category

Portfolio website design category is for websites offering a variety of options for customers. Consequently, consider this category when seeking to promote a portfolio or collection of products, designs or services. In particular, creatives will be impressed by our portfolio templates. Graphic designers, artists and landscaping companies are examples of firms that fit into this portfolio website category. .

Products Website Category

Products website design category is for three business types built on brands and product ranges. Firstly, manufacturers and businesses that rely heavily on product catalogues or menus fit this category. Secondly, restaurants, chemical manufacturers, healthy food sellers and cooking websites belong here. Lastly, online course tutors, gyms and other personalised service providers should also find these templates invaluable.

Projects Website Category

Projects website design category is for businesses that carry out high-value or multi-day projects. Since projects differ from one engagement to the other, this category suits the construction and IT industry. Engineering, landscaping, marketing, high-end website design, software and app development companies are obvious candidates. In addition, templates can always be modified for other uses. Browse this category for project templates.

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Walter Tsuro

Website Design Head

Walter has been involved in the creative industry for close to two decades. In addition, to heading other departments, he heads the Web Design function, where he conducts website audits, online strategy sessions with clients .

Richard Moi

graphic designer

With over 20 years in the creative industry, Richard has designed graphics for Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) companies. Due to his journalism background, Richard is also doubles as our Chief Content Editor.

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Welly Tsuro

Social Media specialist

Welly specialises in Social Media, in particular, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, he trains clients on, among other things, good social media strategy, content posting habits, great photo taking techniques,

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Our website design process begins when you contact us. Thereafter, we arrange for a pre-engagement strategy session. In that session, we find out where you are and what you want to achieve. Lastly, we give you various strategic options we believe will work for your circumstances and budget.


From our over 50 website design templates, we will help you select one appropriate for your web strategy. Importantly, you are expected to provide content such as write-ups and images that fit the design you chose. If not able, we can do it for you but allow you to make only two free revisions.


Support in our complete website design package includes 3 mailboxes of your domain. Email addresses will be in the form of info@yourdomain.co.za.
In addition, you will also get, upon request, access to your website's back-end. Such enables you to blog or update your portfolio.

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